Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
Research article
06 Feb 2013
Research article |  | 06 Feb 2013

New analysis software for Viking Lander meteorological data

O. Kemppinen, J. E. Tillman, W. Schmidt, and A.-M. Harri

Abstract. We have developed a set of tools that enable us to process Viking Lander meteorological data beyond what has been previously publicly available. Besides providing data for new periods of time, the existing data periods have been augmented by enhancing the data resolution significantly. This was accomplished by first transferring the original Prime computer version of the data analysis software to a standard Linux platform, and then by modifying the software to be able to process the data despite irregularities in the original raw data and reverse engineering various parameter files. In addition to this, the processing pipeline has been streamlined, making processing the data faster and easier.

As a case example of new data, freshly processed Viking Lander 1 and 2 temperature records are described and briefly analyzed in ways that have not been previously possible due to the lack of data.