Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 5, 263–270, 2016

Special issue: Multi-disciplinary research and integrated monitoring at the...

Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 5, 263–270, 2016

Research article 01 Jul 2016

Research article | 01 Jul 2016

Sodankylä ionospheric tomography data set 2003–2014

Johannes Norberg et al.

Data sets

F10.7 and solar flux data: NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility’s OMNIWeb service, and OMNI data Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

International Reference Ionosphere – IRI-2012 data IRI-2012, NASA

Ionospheric tomographic Quicklook: Ionospheric tomography measurements and analysed data products Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Finland

Short summary
The Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory has been producing ionospheric tomography data since 2003. Based on these data, one solar cycle of ionospheric vertical total electron content (VTEC) estimates is constructed. The measurements are compared against the IRI-2012 model, F10.7 solar flux index and sunspot number data. Qualitatively the tomographic VTEC estimate corresponds to reference data very well, but the IRI-2012 model are on average 40 % higher of that of the tomographic results.