Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
Research article
21 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 21 Nov 2017

Development of a full-waveform voltage and current recording device for multichannel transient electromagnetic transmitters

Xinyue Zhang, Qisheng Zhang, Meng Wang, Qiang Kong, Shengquan Zhang, Ruihao He, Shenghui Liu, Shuhan Li, and Zhenzhong Yuan

Abstract. Due to the pressing demand for metallic ore exploration technology in China, several new technologies are being employed in the relevant exploration instruments. In addition to possessing the high resolution of the traditional transient electromagnetic method, high-efficiency measurements, and a short measurement time, the multichannel transient electromagnetic method (MTEM) technology can also sensitively determine the characteristics of a low-resistivity geologic body, without being affected by the terrain. Besides, the MTEM technology also solves the critical, existing interference problem in electrical exploration technology. This study develops a full-waveform voltage and current recording device for MTEM transmitters. After continuous acquisition and storage of the large, pseudo-random current signals emitted by the MTEM transmitter, these signals are then convoluted with the signals collected by the receiver to obtain the earth's impulse response. In this paper, the overall design of the full-waveform recording apparatus, including the hardware and upper-computer software designs, the software interface display, and the results of field test, is discussed in detail.

Short summary
We believe that our study full-waveform voltage and current recording device for MTEM transmitters makes a significant contribution to the literature because this full-waveform recording device can be used to monitor the high-power, full-waveform voltages and currents of MTEM transmitters. It has high precision, finer edge details, low noise, and other advantages. Hence, it can be used for real-time recording and transmission to the receiver for coherent demodulation.