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Research article
04 Apr 2017
Research article |  | 04 Apr 2017

Radiometric flight results from the HyperSpectral Imager for Climate Science (HySICS)

Greg Kopp, Paul Smith, Chris Belting, Zach Castleman, Ginger Drake, Joey Espejo, Karl Heuerman, James Lanzi, and David Stuchlik

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Short summary
Monitoring and attributing changes in Earth climate requires high-radiometric-accuracy spectral measurements of sunlight reflected from the Earth's surface. The HyperSpectral Imager for Climate Science (HySICS) is a new imaging spectrometer intended to ultimately achieve ~ 0.2 % radiometric accuracies, being ~ 10 × better than existing spaceflight instruments. We describe the results from a high-altitude balloon flight demonstrating techniques intended to meet these high-accuracy requirements.