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28 Mar 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 28 Mar 2018

Investigation of a low-cost magneto-inductive magnetometer for space science applications

Leonardo H. Regoli, Mark B. Moldwin, Matthew Pellioni, Bret Bronner, Kelsey Hite, Arie Sheinker, and Brandon M. Ponder

Data sets

Magneto-inductive sensor characterization data Leonardo H. Regoli

Short summary
The presence of magnetic fields in space dominate the way planets interact with different types of plasmas. Thus, measuring them is extremely important when studying space. We present an instrument capable of measuring magnetic fields at a fraction of the cost, power and size of traditional magnetometers. With this technology, a science-grade magnetometer for small satellites can be achieved, enabling the study of the space environment with large clusters of sensors in future missions.