Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
22 Sep 2023
 | 22 Sep 2023

New proglacial meteorology and river stage observations from Inglefield Land and Pituffik, NW Greenland

Sarah E. Esenther, Laurence C. Smith, Adam LeWinter, Lincoln H. Pitcher, Brandon T. Overstreet, Aaron Kehl, Cuyler Onclin, Seth Goldstein, and Jonathan C. Ryan

Data sets

Interactive map of automatic weather stations PROMICE

Model code and software

Data and Workflow for New Proglacial Meteorology and River Stage Observations from Inglefield Land and Thule, NW Greenland S. E. Esenther, L. C. Smith, A. LeWinter, L. H. Pitcher, B. T. Overstreet, A. Kehl, C. Onclin, S. Goldstein, and J. C. Ryan

Short summary
Meltwater runoff estimates from the Greenland ice sheet contain uncertainty. To better understand ice sheet hydrology, we installed a weather station and river stage sensors along three proglacial rivers in a cold-bedded area of NW Greenland without firn, crevasse, or moulin influence. The first 3 years (2019–2021) of observations have given us a first look at the seasonal and annual weather and hydrological patterns of this understudied region.